Our Purpose:

At Gold Medal Brands, we hold Values-based Entrepreneurship and Lifestyle Fulfillment in the highest regard. Our business models, training systems, business development tools, and personal growth programs are all designed to assist people of all walks of life excel in building their visions, chasing their dreams and achieving their ideal goals.

We believe that through our offerings members, clients, and customers can build stronger relationships, master financial stresses, and live healthier and fulfilled lives.

For more than 35 years, we’ve been coaching, training, and consulting with individuals and businesses to optimize their performance through values-driven actions and practical applications of solid experience-based guidelines.

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Products & Services:

Home-based Business Platforms​

E-com tech & tools​

Experiential and Family Travel Offerings​

Personal Development & Growth Programs​

Professional Education and Training​

Entrepreneurship Education, Mentorship, and Coaching​

Board Advisory and Consulting​

Our Brands

Win Infinitely is our flagship membership program. Through webinars, coaching sessions, and coursework, we teach success principles from Inspiration (ideas to develop goals) to Dedication (actions to achieve goals).

Win This Day is our health and wellness brand, offering supplements, organic cleaners, home convenience products, and healthy foods.

Gold Medal Solutions is our business development and consulting brand. Bringing process improvements and success principles from previous small business and billion-dollar enterprise clients, we work with entrepreneurs to optimize their businesses and fulfill their lifestyle goals

Build2Gold is our Affiliate Marketing platform. We bring together a wide variety of easily understood products and services that can be packaged as affiliate links, with organized-for-you marketing tools and templates.

Gold Medal Travel Advisor is our stand-alone travel advisor business platform. Our users have access to all the training, technology, and tools they need to build wildly successful home-based B2B & B2C travel businesses.

Planet Opportunity is our Marketing & E-Com Services brand. From building websites to managing social media accounts and running through email content campaigns and e-com tech tools like quizzes, bots, and funnels, POpp offers service packages for businesses of all sizes.

Global Financial Associates is our business funding and finance transaction brand. We offer merchant account processing, equipment leasing & A/R financing, and business funding options. We also offer training and education in the money skills – ROI, budgeting, acquisition, forecasting, and expense management.

Incredible By Design is our Network Marketing brand. We recognize that a large segment of the business population understands private franchising principles and wants an opportunity to build a sales team that can work together for growth and mutual success.

My Travel Grab is our travel brand that works within our IBD framework. With a different training emphasis and an NMC compensation plan, this isn’t just a buyer’s club. MTG uses solid business principles to leverage travel sales in a networking model.

DaveMiner.com is our personal and emotional growth platform. Using a membership course model, we deliver challenging information to assist participants recognize the past events that drive their current behaviors. With this understanding comes the ability to actively overcome those negative traits by building a values-based framework to own their growth and change.

Legacy Events & Travel is our training and conferencing event planning brand. We specialize in organizing, directing, and optimizing events and conferences that offer training, community, specialty education, and recognition to membership organizations and businesses.

Gold Medal Travel Services is our full scale travel sales and marketing platform. From supplier relations to consumer offers to agency technology tools, we support entrepreneur that want to build travel related businesses.

Our Partners:

We are exceedingly selective about our partners and the products & services we represent for them. We evaluate partnership opportunities using the following criteria:

    1. Does the offering Brand add recognition and value to GMB by adhering to company core values of service and fulfillment?
    2. How does the partnership increase GMB company efficiency and profitability?
    3. Does the offered products or services increase GMB revenue through opening new channels or niches?
    4. Does the offered products or services enhance the sales or lifestyle experiences of our current employees, members, clients and customers?
    5. How many avenues or sales channels will GMB be able to offer the partner to increase their sales revenue and profitability?

** If you believe you have a product or service that fits well with one of our brands, please complete the fields below to receive our Vendor Product Submission form.

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