100 Days to Gold Masterclass

A Masterclass in the Art and Strategy of High Performance!

Are you… Building a business? Repairing a relationship? Overcoming addiction? Recovering your health? Preparing for competition?
It’s not all about enthusiasm and a willingness to commit. You have to have a solid plan of action.
Are you ready to move from Great Idea to Great Achievement?
You will discover how to drive forward from your Inspiration to Dedication so that you can and will attain that ultimate achievement and WIN that GOLD!
We all have amazing flashes of brilliance: those moments when we absolutely KNOW that we should do something.
But often, the thought is immediately defeated by our past experiences and mindset!

In this course, you will learn the exact process (it isn’t really a secret!) that you need to follow each and every time you want to accomplish something great!

Whether your great idea is building a businessrepairing a relationshipovercoming addiction, or recovering your health, the process is the same. All great achievement has the same core concepts!

All great achievement has the same core concepts!


Establishing your foundation and believing you CAN and SHOULD succeed.


Building your action plan and preparing for high performance.


Completing your plan and constructing habits for future top performance!



In 100 Days to Gold, we attack each of these in succession and deliver the skills and training to succeed where others fail.

Course Schedule (12 lessons over 14 weeks)

Oct 6    Inspiration to Dedication
Oct 13   Values Based Decisions
Oct 20   7 Daily Builds
Oct 27   Personal Natural Resources
Nov 3    Executing Successful Strategies
Nov 17   Developing Action Plans
Dec 1     Building your Team
Dec 8    Overcoming Negativity
Dec 15   Bucket of No’s
Dec 22  Living your Strengths
Dec 29  Conquering Hecticity
Jan 5    Power of Positive Influence

Each live session is Wednesday at 8pm Central. Recordings will be available within an hour after the live session ending.

Q&A will be in the Facebook Group immediately following each live session. 

Course Inclusions

100 Days to Gold offers two types of enrollment based on the personalization you need. 

Standard Enrollment

$ 97
  • Live Weekly Content Sessions
  • Course Worksheets
  • Facebook Group
  • 3 Months Membership -
    Win Infinitely

Elite Enrollment

$ +299
  • Live Weekly Content Sessions
  • Course Worksheets
  • Facebook Group
  • 3 Months Membership -
    Win Infinitely
  • 3 Additional Deep-Dive Content Sessions
  • Live Q&A
  • Group Discussion Sessions
  • Vision Statements, Execution Strategies, and Action Plans personally reviewed
  • 3 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions